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About Us

At Inqui-Lab, we aim to design, and create platforms and interventions that transform schools into places of creativity & innovation. We want to make observation, research, creativity, collaboration, human-centered design, making and problem-solving an expected and essential part of a student’s educational experience.


Our Vision

Prepare every child for the 21st century by nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation in schools

Our Reach

50 Classrooms

28 Schools

500 Children

1350 Children

Student Designs

3000+ Design Submissions

Proto types

350+ Prototypes

Our Approach


Explore a simple concept


Choose a problem you would like to solve and design a solution using the concept


Improve you design solution via collaborative discussions with friends


Make a prototype!

Programmes at Inquilab

Innovation cycles
The Inqui-Lab Innovation cycles follows a four step process that pushes children to create. The children are urged to observe, identify problems around them and direct their creative energies and conceptual knowledge toward finding solutions. This process of meaningful creation helps them build strong connections between school and the real world and helps them understand the essence of education.

Innovation Toolkit
The Innovation Toolkit aims to provide a school with tried & tested ingredients that would help build this nurturing ecosystem - wherein students are supported in their journey of creativity & innovation. Through timely inputs across grades, the toolkit aims to equip children with the essential knowledge, skills and mindsets that would help them analyze problems generate, refine and implement their ideas in the real world.

Future Initiatives

Innovation Cell
Establish innovation cells within schools to foster a culture of innovation and celebrate student ideas at the school level. The innovation cell will be primarily student led, will conduct weekly brainstorming sessions, collect student ideas and provide the required mentorship to help the student bring his idea to life!

Mobile maker spaces
Through these mobile spaces we aim to introduce the maker philosophy to more and more children, teach them the basic maker skills such that their hands are better equipped to work on any project that their mind envisions.

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